“Lemon Meringue Pie” for upcoming Android Version?

Android Police team always chasing down latest news from Android field had revealed a new possible name for upcoming Android version after Kit Kat. I don’t know how much research they had done for exploring this kind information as soon as possible.  Before going for this news

[100% working] Not Registered On Network problem in Samsung galaxy S3 and Core

Today I am going to share my own experience of using Samsung Galaxy Core for 1 week. Last week, I bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy core [3 months warranty left] from olx.com. Basically the Mobile was good but while handovering the device, the first owner reset

Pixl Preview Review: Android app for Viewing Push images directly

Now after long experiments, a new and stunning app available on the android market for viewing your designs created on Photoshop in real time. Outstanding. Isn’t it? After the initial release of the application, it shows its bright future as the application had made thousands of downloads

How to use Samsung Milk Music on other countries like India, UK, Australia etc?

Last day Samsung had introduced their own android application called Milk Music to stream radio programs. The importance of this app is that this is free to download and use still no ads  popup and annoy you. Currently only a few number of mobiles like Galaxy S3,

Chaatz messaging app: A real killer to WhatsApp and BBM?

All messaging apps have one and only one aim. Allows users to send and receive messaging instantly. By adding user lovable flavors, instant message apps shows their popularity. That’s what we can see in the case of WhatsApp. Since there are many instant chatting services like Facebook

Download Flappy Bird For android: Mediafire Link

Flappy Bird is one of the smallest game that put virus on the brain of android and iOS users. The game worth 1 MB in size attracted and captured game lovers of both platform.  Many thinks that huge Graphics games like Temple Run and Clash of Clans

Adf.ly not Loading, Working Problem solution with proof

Adf.ly is the most popular link shortening service, that pays for each visitors visiting the link. This platform is good for both publishers and advertisers. Since there are many other alternatives, this is one of the popular and widely accepted one. For both advertisers and publishers, this

Clash of Clans Hack: Ultimate Cheat, Tips For Finishing the game

Before going to writing up, I wanna say one thing. “I addicted to “Clash of Clans“. This is a new gaming experience for me after I playing Temple Run. There are many other competitors for Clash of clan in PC and in android but this was the

“Unknown error code during application install” Android error solution

Errors or interrupts during any important activity made all of us irritate. The same in the case of mobiles and applications. Errors during working with an application or anything with mobiles made us annoy. We had already discussed about some of the popular error messages that pop

Uninstall system apps on android: “No rooting Required”

When installing android OS to your device at factory level, manufacturers include so many apps that may or may not useful to you. These apps which you can see at the purchase time of your mobile or tablet is said to be system apps or pre-installed apps.

How to block website Easily in Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS?

There may be many instances were you want to block a particular website. In your home if you have teenagers and want to hide porn websites from them, it is possible by filtering such websites. If you are running a company and want to hide unwanted websites,

Amonetize review: Will they really pay for publishers?

Amonetize is a new platform for publishers to publish different kinds of software and get paid for each installation. This platform would be a great place for software developers who already won the market by integrating amonetize softwares along with their product. This platform is one of

Is Dropbox safe? A clean surgical findings and review

All right. You are here to know whether Dropbox is safe or not? Before that let me tell something about dropbox. Basically Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers storage of files in cloud and synchronization in all popular platforms like android and iOS. With Dropbox

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Will Telegram beat the no.1 messenger app?

Last week we had compared the advantages and disadvantages between two popular messaging apps. Of you missed that stuff, read here BBM vs WhatsApp. Another android application came to compete with WhatsApp. The new app telegram had made nearly 5,000,000 installation with in low time period. Is this

BBM vs WhatsApp: A cross postmortem based on user review

Many Internet scientists already had words about the end of Social Networking websites era. They gives a reason that Messenger apps acquire the networking websites with in some years. The main reason why they say like that is because the rapid increase of Mobile platforms. Internet is

WhatsApp para nokia Download for free

For those who are viewing his article, there is no need of explaining about Whatsapp. WhatsApp Messenger now turns as the biggest messenger app which have the root in Android, Apple iOS, windows, Blackberry and for Nokia Mobiles. WhatsApp allows users to sent and receive messages in

Use Normal Internet plan on Blackberry GPRS, 2G, 3G without BIS

Unlike other operating system smart phones, Blackberry mobiles have its own unique features and advantages. Blackberry raises its head mainly in due to security features that can’t be provided by other smart phones. Blackberry holds a little bit higher position than Apple iOS in case of security.

Torrentz.eu down? Unlock torrent websites if it is blocked

I had posted many articles related to torrent and torrent files. I had also explained many thing via those articles. Today arrives with an awesome article. Now these days, many of the torrent websites had end up their activity in many countries. Have you ever thought why

How to update video card drivers for free in windows?

Are you looking for update your video card drivers for PC? Then you are at the right place. In this article we show you how to update it free of cost without any more risks. Video cards are the products well implemented for increasing the users view

Download from Scribd for free 100% working with proof

I am sure that you may have heard about Scribd, the world’s biggest digital library, consist of all kinds of written books. As per the latest reports, Scribd consist of nearly 40 million free e-books and other article documents posted by their users. Statistics shows that scribd database doubles