How to Stop recording of browsing history in google chrome?

Storing history by a web browser is a powerful action which helps for the fast browsing in future. For example If you visit daily, if no history, you need to type every time when you visit that site. But if history is there you need to type only “f” on the address bar, then a list of sites will pop down below including facebook. Then you only need to select facebook.

But if you use any public computers history may unwanted. Sometimes in your PC also you no need of saving histories. Think that you daily visiting   “***” sites on any other highly confidential websites. It may difficult to clear history daily.

No History is an extension for Google Chrome for stopping record your browsing history. Main advantage is that you no need to clear the browsing history daily. No history will saved on the browser. An outstanding feature of No History is the ability to ‘toggle’ the extension off and on.

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