How to extent Dead line time of google adsense PIN verification?

As you no that for every blog and website the one and only appropriate to monetize revenue is google adsense.Chitika, infolinks also gives you better earnings but google adsense is always better.

In adsense when you crosses the verification thresh hold (in my case it was 20$) you may asked to type the PIN number which had delivered to your address from google team. It may take approximately 1-4 weeks.
You can request this PIN 3 times. If you make errors 3 times your account get banned.
After 4 months from the date of PIN delivered from google, if you dont enter in adds will dis appear from your website. You will get a notification like this

“ Your pages are displaying Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) because you haven’t yet verified your PIN and/or phone number. See the Payment History page for more details ”

 Then by submitting your identification documents you can still make visible your adds on your websites.
Submitt your ID

I also didnt got the PIN so i submitted the ID. Then i got following email


Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your PIN. We’ve extended the deadline to submit your PIN by an additional three months, so you should see relevant ads reappear after about 48 hours. You now have until 2013-03-25 to submit your PIN. After that, ads will stop appearing on your pages again.

If you haven’t received your PIN, or if it has been lost, you’re welcome to request a maximum of three PINs following the instructions at . However, you’ll need to wait 3 weeks after your last PIN was mailed before requesting a new one.

Before you request a replacement PIN, please make sure your payment address is correct. To do review and edit your address, follow these instructions:

We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation with our account verification system.


The Google AdSense Team

Enjoy 3 months extended validity for adsense PIN submission. 

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