How did i got my adsense approved?

There is no doubt that Google adsense gives more money for your blog or website. Google AdSense is the most popular and world wide using advertising networks on the web which contains more than 15000 K publishers in their network. If you are new in blogging field you may try for an Adsense account without looking its Terms and Conditions. 80% of customers who tried to get an adsense account get failed in the first attempt. As all know that google is the No. 1 Legit company on the internet and they don’t need any publishers who are not following their T&C.

I has started me blog on 2012 August. from the starting time itself i had applied for an adsense account. Like Other bloggers I will not say that i got an adsense account approved suddenly. No need of questioning google team why they don’t gave me an approval first time. Because my blog didn’t satisfied nearly 50 % of T&C. After 2 months in October, I reapplied for adsense [ i had completed 50 articles at that time]. No change in the reply of adsense team. They again disapproved.

After continues rejection i slow down no. of posts per month and i slightly thing to avoid blogging. January 2013 was the turning point in my blogging career. After I got some funds from amazon mechanical turk i think to buy a custom domain. It was the time where godaddy were offering .com domain for less than 4$. I bought one and set up a custom domain instead of

The very next day itself i created a new gmail account for applying for adsense [my previous one had disapproved by google team 2 times]. Amazing fact is that i got partially approved account with in 24 hours and got fully approved account after 7 days.

What all things my blog contains at the time of adsense approval?

  • A top level domain
  • 50 posts. [ My friend got approved while keeping single page website]
  • Ordinary template of blogger [ i got disapproved when i keep a free premium template]

Among all this the main thing is a top level domain. There is only 5 % chance for adsense approval if you having a sub level domain. There are several myths regarding adsense approval.

Myths regarding adsense approval:

  • Its very very difficult to get adsense account. [it’s not that much difficult]
  • Need atleast 100 posts in your blog
  • Adsense approve with in a day
  • It’s difficult for adsense approval for bloggers.

 Any way team tricksage is making better income using adsense. Then why are you not applying for adsense?

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