How much memory each tab in chrome uses?

Are you crazy about internet browsing? While browsing internet have you even checked how much memory your browser especially google chrome uses? You may think that if you have enough memory space what is the need of checking those memory usage and wasting of time. In my opinion there is no need of checking such foolishness. If someone asked you “How to check the memory usage of google chrome?” , all of you probably say about windows task manager. That answer is OK. But if some one asked you “How to check memory usage of each tab in google chrome?” Tough question isn’t it?

There is an inbuilt function in google chrome to check how much memory it getting used. It is the easiest way is to find the memory usage in the Google Chrome Task Manager. While using chrome press

Shift + Escape

You may see a box like this:

  • Here you can see listing of all the opened tabs in your google chrome browser. From here you can also close the tabs you need to close.

  • While clicking “Stats for nerds” option on the left corner you will get open  more details of google chrome task manager. 

It will look like this:

Here you can see the amount of memory using by other browsers. Also displays the amount of memory using by extensions.

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