How to add Read More button in blogger home page?

If you are using customized templates for blogger there may be no read more option in the blogger home page. Many of the premium templates contains inbuilt READ MORE function. If there is no such feature your blog’s home page look like lengthy and orderless because every posts contains variety number of words in it.

Here with this trick you can see post summaries along with thumbnails with pre defined no. of characters. There is no need to add any extra code sequence in every blogger post that you make. Follow these steps.

Backup your Template before editing. 

  •  Go to “Template” –> “Edit HTML” of your blog.

  • Click on “Expand widget Templates”
  • Check for tag. control+F made it easy.

  • Now add the below code before tag. 

‘; div.innerHTML = summary; } //]]>

  •  Now change the following as per your choice

summary_noimg           : number of character to display when there is no image.
summary_img               : number of character to display when there is an image.
img_thumb_height        : hight of the post thumbnails.
img_thumb_width         : width of the post thumbnails.

  • After that look for


  • Replace above code () with the following code.

Save It…

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