How to use samsung Galaxy smart phones to get internet on computer?

use internet in pc by android device

Here is a small article describing internet availability in PC using samsung Galaxy smart phones. 
Samsung company is continusly releasing their wide brand of galaxy series. They also have the cheap android device galaxy Y. All are taking such cheap phones. But the problem is that Unlike nokia phones the PC connectivity of samsung is unfamiliar to all. here in this article i am describing how you can connect a Samsung Android series phone to a Laptop or PC.


In Order to get connected you need an additional software called kies.

  • First of all you need to download  Kies

    • Install Kies on Your PC

    •  After That connect your android device to pc via data cable.

    • In kies you will see that the device is connected.

                 ****Do not select data transfer option****

    Then do this in your samsung smart phone

    •   Settings

    •   Wireless and mobile networks

    •   Tithering and portable hotspot

    •   Tick USB thering [NB: If data storage in use, tithering not possible]

    Don’t Forget to tick “Use Packet Data” option in settings before browsing.


    You can Follow the same steps as of PC to get internet on a Laptop. But there is another easy step which you can follow. Latest android phones are capable of serving a portable wifi hotspot. Means you can Make your mobile as a wifi. All laptops are configured to catch such wifi signals.

    Follow these steps to make a wifi hotspot

    •   Settings

    •   Wireless and mobile networks

    •   Tithering and portable hotspot

    •   Tick portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

    NB: Don’ to forget to create passwords for such portable hotspots in your mobile. If you didn’t put passwords any one having an android device can use internet which will cost your internet plan.

    • Then in your Laptop turn on the wireless switch.
    • You will see your mobile hotspot name in the task bar.  
    •  Connect to it.
    • If you given a password in your mobile use it to get connected.

    If doubt persist comment below….

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