Top 10 useful websites of 2013

top10 useful websites Hai Guyz.. today i am posting a nice article related to most using and useful websites of 2013. As you know that there are more than 500 Lakhs of websites in the internet and it’s too difficult to choose some useful websites. Anyway i randomly chosen 10 websites which will turn to very useful one. Here i don’t mind about search engines or social networking websites, which are very common to every one. Also keep in mind that my opinion or selection need not to be satisfied to my fellow readers. You can comment below your suggestions and arguments.


This is a URL shortening website owned and controlled by Google. URL shortening is a popular technique on the Internet in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) may be made to be smaller in length and still direct to the required page. User can use this service to make their URL (of any length) to very small one. For Eg: this blog tricksage have the shortened url While clicking that link You will redirect to You can take a look on it. Like this Any long URL’s can be easily shortened.


Onlineocr is widely using online tool, which can recognise text from images, pdf and from scanned documents. All you need to do is just upload the file which is to be converted. Onlineocr service will cover thousands of customers till purchasing of offline OCR softwares became cheaper.


This is a free and open content distribution network based around peer-to-peer technologies which allows you to access a website which is down due to heavy traffic. You can also use this service by putting after any websites URL.

4. qClock

Qlock is a stylish, amazing and powerful desktop world clock for Windows. You can also use this service tofind the local time of a city using a Google Map. Using this tool you can create unlimited clock windows widgets for every major city in the world, and then you can drag them to your desktop screen until you`re happy with the layout.


There are many characters over the internet which are still unavailable in your keyboard. Copypastecharacters contains hundreds of characters  which are unavailable in your keyboard.You just need to copy it and paste where you want.


Jotti is a powerful tool which is used to scan files online. Using it you can scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses. This tool uses combination of other popular antiviruses to check for viruses. jotti also give more satisfaction than any other antivirus softwares. 


Pdfescape is a new way to open and edit PDF files online while you are browsing. You can do all works related to pdfescape online which doesnot requires additional pluggins rather than modern internet browser and an active internet connection.


Wetransfer allows you to transfer large files over the internet up to 2 GB. You just need to upload your file and give the recepiant email address. Option to create downloading link of your file is also available at wetransfer.

9. Polishmywriting

If you are an article writer and needs to check your content’s perfection, you can use this online tool. Polishmywriting checks not only for spelling mistakes but also gives grammer and style suggections.


This is an online service to send a fax without a fax machine. You just need to know the fax id of the whom to the fax is to send. faxzero had already sent more than 7500000 free faxes. There is an option to attach .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF file along with the text.

                                             This lists are only very very very short while considering the website collections. You can try to find other interesting websites with the help of search engines. If you know any of such websites please comment below.

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