Where to make money? 5 websites to make money online by sharing links

Every is looking for where to make money and most of them have a dream to make money without going outside. If you have a website or any other publishing networks you can earn enough for your daily living. Its also a good method to make money with your fans pages or high member groups. Here are some websites which allows you to make money by sharing links. Working principle of all these sites are same.

 5 websites to make money online by sharing links

1. Adf.ly

Adf.ly is global publishing website where users/ publishers can earn daily income for sharing links and content to web viewers. The main advantage of adf.ly is that you can share your own link through adf.ly to make money. This service is Great for blog owners and website site holders. Also there are many possibilities for using ad.fly. if you don’t have any website or blog you can use your social networking sites like facebook or twitter to use adf.ly.
Adf.ly has been online and paying from May 2009. no users reported that adf.ly is fake or scam.You will got an adf.ly account without any cost. There is no investments or any risk using this site.Wide thinking and using of sharing links will pays you..

2. AdFoc.us

Like Adf.ly, AdFocus is also a free short URL redirection service which will pays for every link shared by the publisher on the Internet. Publishers can place links on FaceBook, Twitter, google plus, forums, blogs,youtube, websites and anywhere they share links. Adfoc.us offering 6.50$ for unique 10000 visitors which is quite higher than adf.ly. They will pay after earnings reaches payment threshold which is 10$. They also offer 20% of revenue generated by publishers referrals. payments can be received by paypal or payza.

3. Linkbucks

With in 5 years Linkbucks had paid out more than $1.2 Million US Dollors .It has the same principle that of adf.ly and adfoc.us. Linkbucks pays you for linking to any site or page that you want. Unlike most advertising companies that only pay out every few months, linkbucks allows payout money on users demand. Here also the minimum payout is 10 $ which can received either through payza or paypal. Acceptin adult-orientated traffic and paying for all your traffic rather than unique are linkbucks main features.

4. Zpag.es

Another grossing site offering money for sharing links is zpages. Quite simple and easy to use. Account get activated after confirming email address. Zpages is not accepting sharing of adult page links, also they will block such users. From the main page of your account itself, publishers can see their statistics updates.

5. Ity.im

If you are a ity.im publisher, you can Earn with banner ads, popups, interstitials & short urls ads. The company is offering 5.50$ CPM with interstitials and $0.80 CPM for banner ads. Minimum payout for this campaign is 15$. This can be used only websites which are in english language. Payouts can be done through paypal. More over API’s & plugins available for Ity.im. They also guarantee the protection of publishers traffic with anti virus scanners.

                                                       Among this Only adf.ly and linkbucks among this is reviewed most legit. Means there are some complaints related to adfoc.us and other two over the internet which says “they are scam”. But note that there are thousands of publishers successfully using all these five networks.

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