3 killer tips to save battery on your smart phone devices

One of the most problem facing by all of the smart phone users are its low battery. If you had used any of smart phones, you can use a smart phone device only for a few hours if all its functions are made ON. When you buy a brand new smart phone they provides battery back up to 8-10 hours, which is better for good usage. Later it get diminishes to half of the provided hours. Its not your Smart Phone problem, Its only due to your device handling methods.

How to save battery on your Smart phone devices?

If you just care about some of the valuable tips provided here you can save your smart phone’s battery life for some more hours.
1. Never Over Charge Your Battery

This is one of the common practice which are happening daily. most of us forgets to disconnect the smart phone device after getting completely charged. Latest Smart Phones are having inbuilt circuit disconnected after getting fully charged. But if your device have no automatic disconnecting feature, your battery get overheated if you don’t remove it at proper time. Good temperature for the better performance of a battery is 20-40 Celsius.  So don’t make a change here by over charging.
2. Always use Original Charger

This will not happen until you lose your default charger, which got when you buy your device. All manufactures put a great effort to made a compatible charger for their device. Swapping original charger with duplicate one may save some bucks at the instance, later provides a chance for cry. This tip was from my own experience were i used duplicate charger for my Galaxy Y, which made my battery damaged in 2 months.

3. Don’t Overload memory device memory with lot of apps

There is no doubt that overloading Smart phones with lots of apps diminishes battery life. More the apps more the notifications. Notifications were a battery drain in most of smart phones. While using lots of apps keep in mind that all those apps not perfect, which keeps track your actions and drains your battery charge. In case of most apps they provides automatic update notifications which need extra bit of battery. So try to remove apps which is not very very very necessary.

Following all these 3 tips you can make cook your battery charge for a whole day.

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