Android to Android Tethering: How to make it possible?

Have you ever noticed the tethering option on your android smart phone? Most simply tethering means using your Mobile phones as a modem for getting Internet on any other devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablet etc. Tethering enables a user to reach internet if there is no means of Internet accessibility. One of the main advantage of tethering is that your data is highly secured as you are using your own device.

Like tethering from Phone to other devices, you can tether from android to android. Android to android tethering enables you to use internet on any number of devices if one device have data network Activating option. If one of the Android Phone have Internet pack, it could be shared to nearby devices. Its possible by making your Android Smart Phone as a Wi-Fi Router.

How to make Android to Android Tethering possible?

Follow these steps to make Android to android Wi-Fi tethering.

  • Go to settings.
  • Wireless and Networks

Android to Android Tethering:
  • Tethering and portable hotspot.
Android to Android Tethering:How to make it possible?
  • Then Tick Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Easy way to make Android to Android Tethering

  • Now you can see that Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is getting ON.
Android to Android TetheringAndroid to Android Tethering
For convenience you can name your Hotspot a name. While other Android devices/ Any device Searches for Wi-Fi, they can see your Wi-Fi Hotspot and access Internet From your Data Plan. For more security it’s better to put some relevant passwords for your Wi-Fi.

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