Android vs Windows 8: Which of these OS is more monster?

The Smart phone, Smart devices and smart tablet market has become more and more competitive from the end of 2012.  In the case of all Operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows, software and firmware quality is increasing much quicker than the last years. All of us know that Microsoft’s products weren’t perform as easy to handle and use, especially when the team had moved to Windows Mobiles.

Android vs Windows 8: Which of these OS is more killer?

Tech specialists says that Microsoft is still common people in Mobile OS world where Apple and Android the king and queen. Position of Apple and Android are still on a seesaw which can’t be predicate. It can’t be said that Microsoft put some black dots on apple and android after the invention of windows 8. Today we are discussing about a small topic Android vs windows 8.

Elemental review on Android vs Windows 8

After windows 8 claimed lakhs of satisfied users it is a subjective question “Which is better OS among Android and windows 8”. 95% of Windows 8 Phone fans argue that their platform is the better than any OS like Android and Blackberry. Same opinion can be hear from an Android user. Here are factors of both Android and Windows 8 devices.

Android VS Windows 8: In case of Handsets

Android Smart Phones has more market share than any other OS including Windows 8. Samsung’s Galaxy Revolution has made a great competition among all other great OS. While the People living in Developed countries loves changing their handset monthly, most people in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri lanka etc rooted their handsets on cheap models like Galaxy Y and Pop. 

This doesn’t mean Android Phones are the best. Windows 8 phones are still premium, hopes Microsoft cuts the price to make it affordable to common people.

Android vs Windows 8: In case of apps

Another major victory of android Phones are the huge collection of android apps. As per the latest report there are nearly 700000 apps available on Google Play. Among these more priority for free apps. 95% of Android apps are compatible with all of the android OS versions. That means if you have a smart phone with Android 2.0 or later,  you can choose from a very variant list of apps from which those with an Android 4.1 Jellybean handsets can choose.

Two years back windows phone arrived in the market. Still their app market contains only 100000 apps. Among this most are compatible with windows 7. Conversion process are still going on for making compatible with windows 8. If Microsoft are looking for catch up app market Google play is very very far.

Android vs Windows 8: In case of speed and stability

This is one of the major area in which open property of android can act as both good and bad thing. As there are large collection for Android smart phones, deciding stability and speed of Android and windows 8 is something of a pig in a poke. 75 % of speed are based on Hardwares. As there are many hardware manufactures for Android its still unpredictable to decide its speed as well as stability. Android OS speed reduces parallel to the installed apps.

Windows 8 phones are always available at good speed and stability. As i am a successful user of Lumia and Galaxy S II, By giving all respect to Android i refers Windows 8 OS slight quicker than Android OS.

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