How to set Password for WiFi Router? Simple steps with screenshot

Creating a password for your Home or Business Wi-Fi not only reduces the data robbery, but also encrypts all your data transmitting through Wi-Fi. If you are running a business in a city and surely you use an Internet connection. I think that all you choose a Wi-Fi modem. At that time if you don’t put a password for your WiFi there might chance for data robbery because today all smart phones are having WiFi capability. People nearby your business or home can reach your WiFi through their handset or Laptops.

How to create passwords for WiFi?

Today in this article we are describing how to create passwords for your WiFi. Here i had used a DIGISOL router for testing the password encryption of a Router. If you are using any other router there may be slight changes. But the procedures are same. Let’s start the tutorial.

  • Access your WiFi Router by typing in the address bar of any of your browser.  In some other routers Most chance for the First address. Then a window displays for asking your router username and password. By default it is admin and admin.

  • Now you are on the Router Settings Page. There you can see security page of your WLAN. In my router its by clicking Network > WLAN > Security [ may different in other routers]
  • There you can see the encryption type. Select the Encryption mode which you want to select. Here i had used WPA2 Mixed Encryption type. [Its your choice]


  • After that you can see another option named “Pre-Shared Key”. Change it to whatever you want to make as your password. [minimum password length is 8]
  • Now you can see your WLAN getting restarted. That’s all for changing a WiFi password.

Easy way to set Password for WiFi Router

I am 100% sure that you cannot see these same settings on your WiFi Router. But I hope that this is the base settings for changing a WiFi password. If you have any comments please let us know. Reply will given within 24 Hours.
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