How to Switch from one windows to another windows fast?

Microsoft Windows is the top using PC Operating System all over the Globe. It covers over 90% of computers with their OS, which force software developers to build softwares on windows platform. Two years back 90% of computers holds the operating system named Windows XP, one of the successful OS  Microsoft have developed. Later it turns to windows vista (rated as a flop) windows 7 and now to windows 8.  If you have used both XP and 7 you may noted that there are several advantages for both of them. Some of the users are forced to keep both of them. 

How to Switch from one windows to another without rebooting?

Normally you can hold both OS at a same time if your PC’c hardware supports it. But you need to boot your device once in order to change from one OS to another OS. No doubt that it’s time consuming. So in this article we are discussing about a softwares tool named Reboot-TO which can overcome this problem.

Transfer from one OS to Another using Reboot-TO

Reboot-TO is a simple and easy tool to switch one windows to another windows and runs in the system tray. It  allows users to switch directly from one Windows to another Windows OS without any large amount of booting time. The application is only less than 2 MB but it requires .NET v3.5 or later.

How To Use Reboot-TO On Your Dual Boot Environment?

  • Download Reboot-TO from here.
  • After installing, once launched this tool runs on your system tray.
  • When you clicks on the icon you can all of the installed OS. Reboot-TO manually finds all installed OS on your hard disk.

How to Switch from one windows to another windows fast?
  • Select the OS which you need to boot into.
  • Click on Reboot Now.

  • System suddenly boots to selected OS by skipping all boot menu selection. 
You should try this software of you are using multiple windows. Supported Windows platform are Windows  7 / 7 x64 /Windows Vista / Vista64 / Windows 8/ 2008 x64 / 2008 R2 /Windows XP/  8 32-bit / 8 64-bit / Server 2012.

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