How to transfer files over Wi-Fi in android smart phones?

Have you even heard about wifi file transfer? Normally all people use Bluetooth or cable method for transferring files from your PC/Laptop to android devices. Recently, apps like Xender for PC have been developed to help make the transfer process easier. In case of Cable connection, you need to set up a connection many times. Plug and unplug cable each and every time not only damages your plug port but also diminishes your devices physical look. Transferring files over Bluetooth may take large time if the file to be transfer is too large. These two problems can be overcome if you use Wi-Fi method to transfer files and folders.

Two outstanding apps to transfer files using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi file transfer is one of the popular File transfer app using by more than 2000 k satisfied users. This free app allows you to upload/download files from your smart devices such as phones and tablets. You just need to put your Laptop/PC and Smart phone device in the same WLAN network. Free as well as Paid versions are available for this outstanding app. I prefer Free version because, uploading files upto 5 MB is the only limitation for this app from its Paid version.

How to transfer files over Wi-Fi in android smart phones?

Some Outstanding features of Wi-Fi File transfer app

  • Multiple Upload/Download at same time.
  • Possible to manage folder itself.
  • Password encryption available.
  • Runs in background
  • Works even if your device in hotspot mode.
Airdroid is another famous Wi-Fi File transfer app similar to Wi-Fi File transfer. It’s a easy and super fast app, which enables you to manage your Smart Phone device from your desktop browser. Apart from file transfer, this app also allows to transfer SMS from your PC to device. It means fast typing, editing and navigation of SMS through the Full PC screen and Keyboard.
Two outstanding apps to transfer files using Wi-Fi
Some Outstanding Features of Airdroid
  • Send and receive SMS fast
  • Possible to wipe complete date
  • Manage apps
  • Folder transfer option
  • Works in background
Then Why are you waiting? Download any of this app and try to transfer files over Wifi. It will Surely a new experience. If any doubts comment below. I am ready to help you.

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