How to turn off automatic updates on android Smart Phones? Killer way

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If you are an android user, you may noticed that while putting on your data network there are so many apps getting updated automatically. Does it irritates you? Probably yes if you have slow network speed and limited data plan. If you used to browse from your phone, it may take long and long time to get into that page or sometimes show page temporarily not available. Many looks here are there for disabling those automatic updates but failed to find where is it.

Here in this article we are describing how to disable or turn off automatic updates on your android smart phone. Keep in mind that if you have large data speed and having an unlimited plan please don’t disable this feature. 

How to disable automatic updates on android?

  • Go to Google Play
  • By clicking Menu button access settings

How to turn off automatic updates on android Smart Phones? Killer way
  • Untick “Auto-update apps” 

Here there is another option to updates apps only through Wi-Fi. It’s better if you use this facility. That means if you access any Wi-Fi your apps get updated. There will be no data loss. There is another problem that while we download and install apps from Google play, they asks for automatic update permission and we install those apps without looking this notifications. This may results in automatic updates without prior notice.

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