Samsung Kies not working in windows 8 solution with proof

Kies is a software provided by Samsung company inorder to connect their mobile devices to PC mainly for getting internet and other software updation. Last day i had updated to windows 8, after that i am unable to connect my galaxy y to Kies which i had successfully used in windows 7. I underline that this article is 100% fresh which cannot see in any other blogs or forums. I am able to make the solution only because i am a windows 8 and Samsung user.

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Before inventing this solution i checked internet for searching how to connect galaxy phones in windows 8? but unable to find an appropriate one.

#Connected Samsung Kies screenshot in windows 8s not

Kies not working in windows 8 solution

Why Kies not working in windows 8?

In my opinion Kies not working in windows 8 due to the compatibility mode. After you install Kies and Run it normally you are not following its compatibility mode. By changing compatibility mode to windows 7 or xp Kies will successfully work on all windows 8 platforms.

How to connect Samsung Kies in windows 8?

In order to connect Kies in windows 8 you no need any further software’s. All you need to do is change its compatibility mode. team tricksage will not guarantee 100% working solution because problem i faced may not be yours.

Follow the steps:

  • Install any version of kies. [latest will be better]    
  • Right click on the icon of kies shown in desktop
  • Properties
  • Compatibility
  • Tick Run the program in compatible mode for windows 7
  • OK
You can make use of the screenshot for fast setting changing. Don’t forget to comment here because users valuable comments are out assets. One thing keep in mind that currently only Samsung android OS and BADA OS based mobile devices are supported in windows 8. If you are using mobiles of other OS please don’t waste your time.

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