Why your keywords not showing on first page of google search results?

If If you are running a websites, blog or business you surely think of getting more visitors and sales. As a blogger or distributor are you running like a snail to get high ranked in Google or other search engines, still your competition are moving like a cheetah? so, don’t forget to read this article completely where we are discussing how to outrank any website in search engine results for a specify keyword or topic.  

Why SEO experts say to get more backlinks?

I hope that all you know a little about SEO. SEO professionals always says to keep huge amount of backlinks from other websites. The principle behind this saying is quite simple. All modern search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Modern search engines place a huge value on these links. How much backlinks you got, and how much the better the quality of these links, your site will treat with higher page rank. If highly ranked and trusted websites like Mozilla , adobe, Alexa etc pointing a backlinks towards your site, it will consider as a vote of trust. And how much links you can collect your site will consider as a trusted website.

Make google page rank 10

Displaying the complete url of your site can’t be consider as a backlink. It’s the clickable part of the link [hyperlinks] that counts. Meaning is that, if you want to get high rank for a specific keyword like “How to make money”, you need more backlinks links with “How to make money” in their clickable part. For example
I hope that all of webmasters know this and they are struggling here:

Where To Get High Quality BackLinks, And How Many I Need?

Probably a tough question. Isn’t it? In a sentence the answer is to monitor a competing website which had already ranked well.
Lets think about that keyword. If you wish to takeover already indexed #1 position of “How to make money” in search engine results ,you should make sure that your website had outranked that “How to make money” keyword competition. A problem here is that if they already ranked very well, Search engines thought that their site have access on topic “How to make money” , and ranks that page well.
Is this situation means that you can’t rank up?

Many of us thinks that we can’t drop down that highly ranked and indexed websites which is absolutely a meaningless thought. By following the fundamental principle of SEO, you can achieve position more that 90% of webmasters because they are walking in the night. Here are some advice team tricksage giving to those who are willing to make their site well indexed in Search engine results.

1. Content Quality Check

                                       : Don’t copy contents from other websites.

2. Title

                                      : Try to give a keyword rich title

3. Tags

                                       : Give suitable tags

4. Description

                                       : Give description for your contents.

5. Links

                                       : Try to maintain high quality backlinks.

You can see that, most successful webmasters who make results from the search engines don’t bother how these search engines works. But they try to understand, how they should maintain their websites to get ranked well by looking top ranked sites and by making legitimate conclusions why those sites ranked so well, and try to follow those steps to get succeed.

You can make use of google adword tool for finding best keywords for your website. Adword tool from google is a better choice for finding the most searching keywords with low and high competitors. You should choose keywords which have high monthly searches and low competitions. 

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