Alexa rank below 100 k: Direct Advertising started on

Advertise on also started direct advertising on the blog. If you are looking for publishing your product/blog/website or any other contents online, tricksage would be an outstanding platform. We are providing an introductory offers on all of our ad slots for one month.

Why tricksage better place for advertising?

  • Alexa rank below 50 K globally [We will reach below 30 k soon because Alexa is slow]
  • Getting more than 15000 page views daily.  
  • 90 % traffic are from search engines like google, bing, yahoo and ask
  • More than 400000 page views per month as per Blogger stats.
  • Low advertising cost as an introductory offer. 
  • Alexa rank from US, UK, Australia below 1000 k

Our traffic Proof extracted from blogger stats

 blogger stats Traffic rank from various countries

These informations are abstracted from You can check it from here

Advertising options available on

Available Direct Ad Slots 

Ad spot on top header / Leaderboard (728 x 90)          – 30 $ per month

Sidebar banners / large Rectangle (320×280)               – 25 $ per month

Small Squares on side bar (125×125)                           – 15 $ per month

Squares/ Small leaderboard between post title and body (250 x 250)        – 30 $ per month

Paid reviews

These are articles published as per advertisers wish. You can deliver me articles related to your product with any number of links. The validity of such articles are till this blog alive. Price should varies from 10 $ to 50 $ depend on the product.

Payment option

Payment can be done through

  • Paypal 

Contact information for advertising

                                                   I know this options are too cheap. But we will soon increase the plan rate. Better to buy now. If any one like to buy any of the mail me at

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