Antivirus apps for android: The best among this year

Whatever the system might be, the term virus make you little scare. Because all you know the side effects of virus attacks. In case of Computer systems, a little technology skill can make it formatted and can easily remove viruses. Then what about Smart Phones? Is it easy to format Like Computers? Never. So the only way to prevent smart phones from virus attacks is by using effective anti viruses. “Prevention is better than Cure”.

There is no lack for viruses in the web. Many anti-virus developing companies makes their own viruses to get their product sold out. Like viruses, anti virus availability also increased. Then how to choose an appropriate antivirus for tour Smart Phone? Today in this article we had made a dish of 5 antiviruses listed by their popularity.

Best antivirus apps for android Smart Phone

1. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Branded antivirus tool.  Kaspersky protects your smartphones from viruses, spywares, Internet threats, phishing sites and spam. Also contains the feature to remotely protect your information and find location of your phone, if it get robbed. 

Antivirus apps for android

2. AVG security

Free ware app to protect your information. AVG is a real-time antivirus and anti-theft protection for your smartphones. It have unique ability to scan text message viruses. Pro version is also available in the market.

Antivirus apps for android

3. Norton internet Security

Norton anti virus scans and removes apps which have bugs to slowdown the smartphone and tablet processes. It also scans virus in the SD card once it get mount to your device. Full version available for 30 $.

Norton free antivirus for android

4. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Another Freeware app to protect your Smart device. lookout provides picture and location of anyone who tries to unlock your Android device when it got robbed. This tool also blocks dangerous URLs that can steal your private information like logins and passwords.

5. McAfee Antivirus

Available trial version for 14 days after that needs to upgrade to pro version. Using McAfee you can remotely manage and lock your private data. This tool can also prevent unwanted calls and sms. 

Full security can’t be granted with these free tools. You should try the pro version to get the maximum advantage.

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