Browser security: A main loop hole for internet security

How secure is your internet browser? DO your browser shares your private data? As all browsers are free to use, is there any inbuilt loop holes on your browser? These simple questions will slightly came into mind, when you start climbing technology hill. Regardless of how neatly you are at downloading and sharing files, what type of OS you use, how strengthen is the anti-virus you use, seems to a line drawn above water, if there is slight loop-hole on your Internet Browser. Is there any simple steps to cover these loop-hole pits? Follow some simple tips and strengthen your online privacy.

Avoid installation of too many unknown extension and toolbars

Extension always gives a better browsing experience  As most of the browsers supports extensions, there are a lot of plugins available on each Browser’s market. Are all these safe? Probably Yes. But there are still several extensions or toolbars with little amount of bugs. If you think an extension is not enough safe, then don’t make a try. Extensions could be installed automatically due to some phishing scripts and malwares. Try to remove those extensions manually.

internet security
Extension management page of Chrome

Avoid websites from tracking you

As the online advertising get targeted and personalized, cookies have a great role related to your privacy. Cookies stores the information such as your web activity, records the type of sites you visit etc. For example if you bought a product from any online store or visit that store once, you can see a quick change in advertisements displays on any websites. If you visited flipkart once, while further browsing other sites you can see advertisements related to flipkart. This is because you have tracked by websites. 

There are a lot of services to avert this, if you are among the character who don’t like being watched. An inbuilt option named “Do Not Track “ are on every popular websites to prevent tracking. If you are not at all satisfied with this inbuilt feature, you can try Do not Track Me, Disconnnect me or Ghostery.

Practice removing of flash cookies

Flash cookies also have thea same function that of general cookies, which stores data and information. You can make some restrictions on flash cookies by visiting this page. Then Navigate to “Global Storage Settings” the left most tab.Then untick “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer”. 

Browser security:


Whatever information we share on the web, live longer than our bodies by produced and reproduced. it could be able to make a large damages, if it’s not handled well. It is time you realize how important your privacy is.

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