Easy way to create Keyboard Shortcut For Snipping Tool in windows 7 and 8

After migrating from Windows XP to windows 7 or 8, you can see an inbuilt tool named snipping tool. Snipping Tool can capture images of your desktop, what ever it contain, webpage or movie. This tool enables you to snip a whole window, a rectangular or square part of the desktop, or with a touchscreen you can draw freehand outline with your finger.  Not only capture, snipping tool allows you to edit, save, and e-mail the snip using buttons right in the Snipping Tool window.

In some profession, capturing desktop needs very important. All you know that there is no inbuilt function for opening snipping tool with any keyboard shortcut keys. So that you can assign a shortcut key for snipping tool. This article deals with how to make shortcut keys for snipping tool.

How to create keyboard shortcut keys for snipping tool?

Follow these steps to create shortcut for snipping tool

  • Click Start > Right click on Snipping Tool
  • Properties


  • On Snipping tool properties, Click on Shortcut Tab
  • Now assign your Desired Shortcut key
  • Apply
  • OK
While creating keyboard shortcuts for snipping tool, keep in mind that, you cannot assign inbuilt shortcut keys of windows for snipping tool. For example Ctrl + C allows you to copy texts. You can’t assign Ctrl+C as Snipping tool Keyboard Shortcut.

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