How to reduce the file size of a picture? Mass image size compression

There are instances where you need to compress the memory size of your images. For example if you need to upload a mass amount of images to any social sharing sites with slow internet connection, you need to compress for time and data sharing. If you are regular image uploader, it’s better to practice compressing images and then upload.

If you are a blogger or web developer its better to use high quality and low quantity images. It will help you to increase the loading time of your site and then the Search engine optimization.

As i am a blog publisher, i need to find out some efficient tool to make this job. By searching on internet, I had tested many online and offline tools which didn’t game me much satisfaction. Finally i found out a tool named Mass Image Compressor.

Advantage of Mass image Converter, the image compressing offline tool

  • Low Size [only below 500 kB]
  • Quality could be changed from 0-100 percentage.
  • Size could be changed from 0-100 percentage.
  • Possible to save in both JPEG and PNG format.
  • Compress by selecting a complete folder.

How to reduce image memory size using Mass image Converter

Compressing picture size using mass image compressor is some what easy process.

     image size compression
  • Choose the folder which contains the image to reduce.

  • Make changes in Quality and image Size.

  • Choose output Format

  • Choose the output folder.

  • Compress all.

Mass image compressor reduces the memory size of images to an unbelievable limit. An 1 MB file could be reduced below 100 KB with much more quality than any other tools.

Download Mass Image Compressor

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