Xbox One: Can this catch up Playstation 4? A Feature list

Quickly after Tech Everest Company Sony unveiled their future PlayStation 4, Microsoft announced their next generation Gaming Console Xbox One. From their previous Console, there are several new features and collection of hardware’s for improving gaming experience  It’s releasing with an outstanding vintage design and brand new features. As the main competitor of Microsoft Xbox One is Sony’s PlayStation 4, they need to introduce variety of featured collections.

Xbox One

Xbox one is not only a Gaming Console but also a multimedia hub, where user can do much more than playing games. Even Microsoft tries to improve the style and design as well, the simple question is that “Will Gamers care all these?” Probably NO. Another problem about Xbox One is that Microsoft has confirmed that their new product will not backwards compatible, gives idea that Xbox 360 games won’t support on Xbox One.

Hardware Specifications of Xbox One

Hardware Specification of Xbox One are similar to that of Sony’s PlayStation 4. These wide range of hardware features make sure the top-notch features of the console. These are the common Hardware features of xbox one which could be announced.

  • USB 3.0
  • 8 GB RAM
  • HDMI in/out
  • Blu-Ray Drive
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • 8 Core AMD SoC
  • Kinect with 1080p single camera
  • About 5 billion Transistors
  • 500 GB Hard Disk
  • 802.11n Wi-FI

Wide integration 

Xbox One Console was intended to run 3 operating Systems at same time.  One for handling Direct Applications [windows kernel , one for multitasking and other acts as a dedicated Xbox OS for better performance.

Kinect Sensor placed infornt is capable of recognizing voice commands and hand-made gestures. Moreover using this kinect sensor Skype could be used for making group calls, without disturbing current process.

For catching more US customers Microsoft has decided to distribute a TV, as part of Xbox One for performing Live streaming and for other activities.

Best Controller Ever

Xbox One Controller is likely to call as ergonomic design controller, which had made victory after testing nearly 40 different designs. Dynamic impulse triggers, Precision directional pad and the integrated battery compartment provided to specify more. Finally, the D-Pad, most attractive part had redesigned and implemented with a Wi-Fi direct radio stack.

Built-in Kinect sensor

One of the most attractive and prior part, The kinect Sensor had placed inside the body of xbox One. It has well placed in the middle of all exterior inputs, which can easily detect human body. The sensor was embed with a HD camera of 1080p which is capable of recording videos at 30 FPS. Moreover it can sense the heartbeat when the user is exercising with the console.


In order to give most innovation, Microsoft has tried maximum for their Xbox One. It could be called as all-in-one multimedia entertainment solution. Gaming along with Live streaming gave a better scope. Absense of support for Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac is really hurting as 802.11n will soon became older standard. This absence can’t make the customers move back to playstation-4 because Playstation 4 also doesn’t support Wi-Fi 802.11ac.  

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