Apps for android : 5 places where to download and install android apps

As per the latest reports, there are nearly 800,000 apps on android market. If you start downloading all these, 100 years won’t enough to complete all these apps. Where you can download all these apps. Google Play!! is the simple answer. But how to find out the best apps for android through Play? Currently play only lists 500 apps in it’s every tabs. Is it enough to find the best apps?

Today we are going to deliver some marketplace to download and install apps for android. All of these tools list popular apps for android with a simple login. These apps and tools also remarks that Google Play is not the one and only one place to download and install apps for android.

Apps for android : 5 places where to download and install android apps

Where to download Apps for android?

These are some of the places where you can download android apps. There is a vast range of advantages by downloading apps from these sites or using these apps. Mainly you can list out the popular apps and browse through variety of categories. Some of these tools enables download from play itself. Still very effective to use.

1. AppsApk

AppsApk is  Ad Supported, freeware android apps portal for android customers who don’t have the access to Google Play. All apps listed on Appsapk were from Google play or from direct android publishers. There are a wide range of categories for user experience.

2. 1Mobile

One of the familiar site or app available in the Google Play itself. 1Mobile portal contains more than 60,000 selected apps. They updates their gallery with practical, exciting and unique applications daily. Daily changing home page apps are another feature of 1Mobile.

3. Mobile9

Popular app publishing client like 1Mobile. User can Login to Mobile9 by setting up their device name once, displays compatible apps for your device with high priority. Mobile9 also contains a wide range of categories with large collection of apps for android and other smart phones.

4. Pandaapp

Website which share lots of applications for various smart phones. There are nearly 8000 selected apps with all categories and still counting the gallery. You can choose your platform and download appropriate supportive apps.

5. Androidpolice

A web blog related to android apps. Possible to reply to every apps they release. Unlike other sites android police is a blogging platform where user can interact with the contributors.

                                                     All the above sites allows you to download apps for android without any difficulty. Variety of categories are the advantage of using these websites.

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