Asigra’s Launch of Cloud-To-Cloud Backup of Google Apps Is a Real Game Changer For Business

On Tuesday, the Toronto based cloud software developer Asigra launched their new Cloud Backup 12.2, and changed the cloud storage game once again. For businesses that have been using Google Apps for their company’s operations, this new software will be a very welcome arrival, and no doubt many will be breathing a huge sigh of relief with the new level of control and assurance that the Asigra software offers. The new 12.2 backup system helps businesses reclaim control of their data, meaning that businesses now have the capability to protect their data on Google Apps to the same degree as any other data held within the IT environment.

Asigra’s Launch of Cloud-To-Cloud Backup of Google Apps

Asigra and Google Apps

Cloud Backup 12.2 not only allows for backup and recovery for Google Apps but also improves on their existing capabilities for recovery in the case of a virtual disaster, as well as enabling single-pass backup for Microsoft Exchange 2013. Before Asigra’s new software was developed, the storage facilities of Google Apps was both a blessing and a curse. While cloud storage is undeniably revolutionary for business, in the most positive sense, things can get complicated when a company’s data leaves the organisation’s boundaries.  

Google Apps offers many possibilities and benefits to businesses. It allows you to store all your data, calendars, emails, etc. in one accessible place; it allows automated, scheduled backup of files, with flexibility concerning how many generations of data you want protecting, how frequently, and whether you want back up to take place at the account level or domain level.

Granular Backups

What Asigra’s new cloud-to-cloud- backup of Google Apps adds to all this is phenomenal and supremely helpful to businesses wanting to stay in control of their data. With the Asigra software you have even more flexibility about the level of data you want to recover, from your entire domain, to specific accounts, right down to individual emails, restoring them to how they were at the point-in-time that you need to see them, without having to go through an arduous and time consuming restoration of the whole database.  You have more choice over where the information is restored to – it can be restored in an entirely new location from the original location it was saved at. This capability for granular backups of Google Apps data will be enormously helpful to businesses, for whom restoration of the entire database can be a real nightmare.


The new Asigra software means that businesses are able to access the data they have stored on Google Apps even when they are not connected to Google. Your intellectual property rights are more protected than ever, your data is safer and more secure than ever before, and remains in line with current regulatory and statutory requirements. The high level of automation involved with Asigra’s new software means that manual interventions are massively reduced, offering a high degree of assurance that your Google Apps data is backed up and recoverable.

Peace Of Mind

The peace of mind offered by Asigra’s new 12.2 software will no doubt transform many businesses for the better. Those who are already using Google Apps will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that their data is even safer than it was before, and those who had been too nervous to try backing up on the Google App cloud may well be encouraged to embrace this revolutionary cloud technology now the security of the system has been assured even more.

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