How do i find bookmarks? The ultimate solution

Before coming to the point, first of all let me explain what is a bookmark? Bookmarking is the process of marking a webpage or website, when we need to visit that page again in future. Bookmarks are simply links to those sites or pages, which we need to visit again.

If you have some internet knowledge, you may think what is the need of explaining such simple things. But daily thousands of people are looking for “how to find bookmarks which are already created?”. This article is simply a solution for those who are looking after “How can i find my bookmarks?” Follow these simple and small tip to find out what you had bookmarked before.

How do i find bookmarks?

How can i find my bookmarks? Easy solution

This article solves “How do i find bookmarks” question for all major Internet browsers. However finding bookmark is not a tight job, as majority of browsers allows keyword shortcuts for finding bookmarks.

How do i find bookmarks in google Chrome?

Google Chrome jumps to the top list of internet browsers after Internet Explorer failed to shows up their power in windows vista and windows 7. Google Chrome had covered majority of computers before the release of windows 8 [Where IE cooked more tasty]. 

Chrome allows user to bookmark a page with a shortcut key of Ctrl + D.

You can also view the bookmarks by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B.

 Then the bookmarked pages arrives just below the address bar.
How do i find bookmarks in google Chrome

How do i find bookmarks in Mozilla FireFox?

Finding and bookmarking bookmarks are same in mozilla firefox to that of Google Chrome. 

Mozilla Firefox allows user to bookmark a page with a shortcut key of Ctrl + D. 

Similarly bookmarks can be viewed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B. 

How do i find bookmarks in Internet Explorer?

You can find term named bookmark in Internet Explorer. they termed it ads favorite. 

You can add a page to favorite list by pressing Ctrl + D.

Similarly favorite list can be displayed by pressing Ctrl + I.

Through this article i am not confusing anyone by giving the exact way [other that shortcut] for bookmarking a site. I hope that this Shortcut method is enough to you all. If any doubt feel free to comment.

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