How to protect word document? Steps to create password for .docx files

MS Word is one of the popular word processor developed by Microsoft, and now running in millions of Windows OS. It is not possible to cook up all the advantages and features of MS office in this article. MS office acts as Many in One solution for its users. Then What about its security?

If you are a business man or other reputed personalities, you may forced to carry credential details. Is it secure? Today in this article we are expressing how to make your Word and Excel documents password protected without any third-party Software. This method is time saving and dependable.

How to password protect Microsoft word and Excel?

This tutorial is based on Microsoft Students version 2010 and may follows some small changes in other versions. Anyway follow the steps to make password protect Microsoft word and Excel without any tools.

password protect Microsoft word
  • Click on File [Upper Left]
  • Then Click Info 
  • Under Info, you can see an option named Permission. Click on Permission.
MS word secure
  • Select Encrypt With Password
  • Type a convenient password

password encryption in ms word and excel
  • Re Enter your Password
  • OK

Now while opening that file, you can see a window asking password. You can only continue after entering the password.

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