Save Secret Bookmarks with relevant Password – Have a private browsing

Introducing new features to every products is one of the main feature of all google applications. It is still continuing and can see in all of their products. Thats the reason why Google chrome catch up in the market. Wide range of extension collection make Chrome a unique identity from any other browsers. While comparing to Chrome, it is not possible to find that much extensions or plugins on any other browsers.

There are many apps for getting privacy and security in Chrome extension market. One of such extension is Hush – private bookmarking. Even if it is a third-party extension, there is no scarcity in providing more user experience. Hush is an plugin available on chrome market allows you to bookmark pages and sites privately and securely using a password to save and view your personal bookmarks. 

How to use Hush for saving secret bookmarks?

  • Download and Install hush from Chrome Web store.
  • Open an incognito window [Ctrl + Shift + N]
  • Now you can see a lock symbol on last of address bar. Click that lock to bookmark that page with a password.

That’s all.. Now you can access those bookmarks by giving that password, which you had used for saving that bookmarks. Happy browsing…

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