[Solved] How to Sync Google Bookmarks with Chrome ?

All you know that, with in a small time, Google Chrome turns into the most popular desktop browser in the world. It is only because the unique feature available in Google Chrome. While swimming into the deep of Chrome, we can discover several treasures, that are not available in any of the other browsers like Mozilla and Explorer.

 Sync Google Bookmarks with Chrome

Synchronizing bookmarks feature in chrome is one of the main advantage with which user can easily backs up their browser bookmarks to your Google account and then syncs them when they are using a different computer. The Synchronizing includes apps, passwords, bookmarks, extensions, settings,open tabs, history and auto-fills. All you need to do is sin in with Google Chrome with your existing Google Account or with a new one.

How to Synchronize Bookmarks with Google Chrome?

Follow the below steps to get Sync your Google Bookmarks with Chrome.

  • Go to settings

 Sync Google Bookmarks with Chrome
  • Sin in to chrome, if you don’t do it.

  • Advanced Sync Settings

 Sync Google Bookmarks with Chrome
  • Select which of the data are to be sync

  • Click OK.
 Sync Google Bookmarks with Chrome
Now all of your information get sync on your Google account. If you use any other computer with chrome and sin in chrome with that Google account, you can see all your bookmarks and other details you want. If you need to see how much information are stored on Google Account, visit Google Dashboard.

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