[Solved] "There was a problem parsing the package" in android

We hope that you are enjoying all our updates related to android and android apps. We hope that you had enjoyed last post of “best FPS games” , “best music apps” and “best sms apps” for android.  A slight change in today’s article. Today we are discussing about a serious problem facing by lot of android users globally.

The amount of android users are increasing rapidly. The main reason is due to the simplicity and easy to handle feature of Android. However it is user friendly, there is slight restriction in using android apps outside from Google Play store. If you had tried installing of Android apps outside from Google market, you may have noticed noticed an error message “There was a problem parsing the package“. I haven’t seen There was a problem parsing the package when I install apps directly from Google Play. To use the apps outside from market, you need to made a slight modification on your Android device. This article puts and end those type of errors.

Reason for showing “There was a problem parsing the package”

This could be occur due to many reasons. The main reason is due to un-checking installation of android apps from unknown source. Another main reason is that your app is incompatible with your current android version. That means the version of app in your mobile doesn’t support your current handset. There is another important reason that these app may contains bugs that can harm your Android smart phone. In such case the OS itself prevent execution of such bugs results in  “There was a problem parsing the package” If your problem is due to the first reason, you can easily workout it by following the below instructions. For the second and third reason, there is no theoretical solution.

How to solve “There was a problem parsing the package” in android

Follow the below steps. I will not guarantee you 100% success. But you can try this. Only a fifty-fifty chance.

  • Go to Settings


There was a problem parsing the package
  • Applications


There was a problem parsing the package
  • [Tick] Unknown Sources
Now Try to install that app which shows “There was a problem parsing the package” error message. If you not got a positive result, then no need of trying other methods. It won’t support on your device. May be the problem is due to Software incompatibility or due to application errors. Whatever may the result, don’t forget to comment here. Our success on your comments and notifications.
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