The Best IPhone Covers – Top 5 among them

There are hundreds of covers for your iPhone available in the market right now and if you are going to choose the ideal iPhone cover for your iPhone, you might fall into confusion because of the large array of choices you have. Choices range from slim and sleek covers to sizeable and bulky covers. Yet, among this wide array of choices, I would like to give you the top iPhone covers available in the market right now.

The Otterbox Defender/Commuter

This maker of all types of covers for phones has established itself as a reliable producer of iPhone. The Defender series of Otterbox feature some of the best iPhone covers in the market. It is made of soft silicone bumper, and slides with ease into the polycarbonate body connected to the face protector and polycarbonate screen.
The cover adds some heftiness to your phone, yet you will appreciate the added bulk if you always engage in outdoor sports such as hiking and biking. On the other hand, the Commuter is a bit slimmer and trimmer. It has a silicone bumper which lets your phone fit readily into the polycarbonate body which protects both the side and back. You will notice that the commuter is a bit slimmer and thinner than the Defender.

Twelve South BookBook

The Twelve South products are some of the well-made accessories for your iPhone in the market now. The covers can act as wallets and as cases at the same time. Using these covers let your iPhone appears like a small book. It has some pockets and sleeves for some of the little essentials which you carry around.
The ports of your iPhone are unobstructed enabling you to charge your iPhone or use the headphone port without having to remove the case. The way the BookBook is crafted allows for easy use of your iPhone camera and other iPhone functions. The Twelve South BookBook definitely protects your iPhone while letting you use it as an alternative wallet.

Fire Hose iPhone Covers

Fire Hose produces very good iPhone covers which protect the back part of your iPhone and add a new flair to your iPhone. The cover is made of salvaged cotton and nylon fire hoses. The covers usually measure around 2mm and adhere to your iPhone using a quality 3D adhesive which permits you to readily remove the cover without any damage to your device.

Luvvitt iPhone Covers

Luvvitt produces some of the best iPhone covers for you. Luvvitt iPhone covers come in a wide variety and varied choices. There are many choices of colors such as red, yellow, or white. These covers provide you with a good alternative to some of the common cases.

The Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty

Griffin Survivor Case is a battle-tested case for your iPhone. You can toss it around and still you’ll find it very sturdy and durable. It is one of the most protective cases ever built by Griffin Technology. It is designed to take every abuse which your iPhone takes every day. It is tested and also proven against damage and battery using MIL-STD 810G testing protocols, making it a topnotch choice for your iPhone. Many people around the world rely on this well-tested accessory for the protection of their iPhone.

About the Guest Author:
William Laggerfield is a graduate of computer engineering and a part-time blogger. He is based in Toronto, Canada.

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