Access Google Chrome config page for advanced configarations

With in a small period of time, Google Chrome turns to a killing enemy to all other browsers. Chrome contains all features that of other browsers and they have their own features. Huge collection of features , extensions and a pre-written company status made the browsers to the top one.

If you are a die-hard fan of Mozilla, you may noticed a missing of advance configuration page in Chrome. Did Google Forget about it? Never. There is an advance config settings page in Chrome where user can made changes upon their will.

Some features you can access in Chrome configuration page

  • Tab OverView
  • Check for known conflicts with 3rd party modules.
  • Cloud Print Connector
  • Enable / Disable experimental canvas features
  • Enable / Disable accelerated CSS animations
And so on..

How to access Config page in Google Chrome?

Using this secret configuration page, you can enable and disable several features as per your wish. Check out the simple steps to access config page in Google Chrome.

  • Click Enter
  • Now you are at the advance configuration page in Chrome.
Whenever you made a change on the configuration page, you can see a relaunch button. The changes made by you works only if you restart your browser. Now what are you looking for? Go to configuration page and made your changes.

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