Finally I Got My First Adsense Check in India – Thanks Google

I can’t cook this article well because, while typing each of the characters, my hairs are standing up and dancing with joy. Yes this will be one of the happiest moment in every Adsense publishers life. Today I got me First Adsense check from Google.

Adsense check in india
Sorry, I can’t figure out the exact earning, as it is against adsense T&C

I am not describing about second or third but the first check I had received just before an hour. Another funny part of this feeling is that, I am receiving this after 1 year of my blogging career. Also remembering all important moments in my career.

My Life on blogging career

I started blogging on August 2012 and quit it several times when I struggles to get enough traffic and failed to get approved by Adsense program. Receiving some funds from Amazon Mechanical Turk on january 2013 turned up my blogging career. By doing some eye breaking works, I earned 3000 Rs (60$) from Amazon and bought a new domain for my blog for 200 Rs (4$) through a coupon.

I got 200 Rs (4$)  many times from the period of August 2012 – January 2013, but I don’t try to buy a domain because my family background was that much poor, Which I can’t express through this simple article. I don’t wish to talk more about my family income. God’s grace. I got approved from Adsense next day after setting my domain on January 2013.

After getting Adsense, I concentrated seriously on blogging. If others can, Then Why I Can’t?? On the next months, I gained lots of visitors and alexa rank climbs rapidly. I am happy to say that current alexa rank is somewhat near to 30 k and daily pageviews averages to 20 k.

Standing on pin point for 1 month

On July 5 my previous earnings were calculated and finalised to a figure near to 300 $. Wow… good amount for an Indian publisher. Isn’t it? By reading many publishers story, I pulled out each day till July 25. On that day looking on my earning details, I found that Google had released my Check. I login to my account on 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 1, 2, and 3 for checking whether Bluedart had shipped my check. [In India bluedart company is delivering check]. At last it happened I got information that they pickup my check on August 5.

Again another confusion happen that delivery time delayed due to flood in Nedumbassery International Airport Cochin. Some of the plane service delayed and some other cancelled. I contacted Bluedart Customer care and they replied that the courier was stuck at Chennai International Airport and will get delivered soon as possible. 

At last my envelope reached Bluedart office near my home on August 9. I don’t wait for a home delivery, went their office, show my proof and received my First payment. Now I hope that if the same situation continues, I can manage a standard living by having good Food, wearing new clothes, enjoy happiest moments with ma friends, giving some to the poors etc..

What about you? Do you have the same feelings? Have a comment please….

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