Leading Top Adsense Earners in India by blogging

Adsense is one of the best monetizing platform all over the world. Using a well running blog, it is easy to earn good amount of money without doing any other works. The important thing behind all Adsense earners is the organic traffic. Simply we can state that Adsense earnings directly proportional to the organic traffic of the site.

Today I am sharing details of some bloggers from India who are receiving huge amount of money through blogging. All of these bloggers consider blogging as their primary goal. Due to the huge amount of traffic, the earnings are also high.

Leading Top Adsense Earners in India through blog

Earnings shown here are not 100 % accurate and none of these bloggers are sharing their revenue report. However we estimates their earnings based on the traffic and visitors from US, UK and Canada.

Top Adsense Earners from India

1. Labnol.org

Labnol is one of the popular technology related blog runs by Amit Aggarwal. He pursued Degree in Computer Science from IIT and worked till 2004 for other companies. He Quits his Job when his blog Digital Inspiration turns to a world wide hit.

Alexa Rank:             2,858
Page Views:            3+ million per month
Estimated Earning:  50000$ Per year

2. shoutmeloud.com

ShoutmeLoud is popular blog based on blogging and wordpress related articles. Hash Aggarwal is the man behind shoutmeloud which is started on 2008. With in 5 years, the blog became popular over the world.

Alexa Rank:             4,065
Page Views:            1 Million Per month
Estimated Earning:  15000$ Per year

3. trak.in

Track.in is writing by Arun Prabhudesai an IT professional since 1996. The blog was started on 2007. The focus of track.in is on Indian Business and startups in general. Auther used to spend nearly 10 hours a day for blogging.

Alexa Rank:             17,211
Page views:            ~0.5Million Per month
Estimated Earning: 90000$ Per Year

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