List of best courier / parcel services in USA

Couriers can be basically a mail or package. It differs in its speed of delivery, tracking feature, and security than a standard mail. It is a premium service so that it is slightly expensive than standard mail. Here are some of the best courier services available in USA.

Best Courier Services in USA

1. FedEX

FedEx is a popular courier service all over the world especially in USA. FedEx Home Delivery® service offers standard Saturday delivery to home addresses and may deliver on Saturdays depending on the transit time from origin to destination. the online tracking tool allows the customer to track their shipment. If it delivered, you can see a quick update on their database. 

A money back guarantee is offered by the company if the product is not arrived with in time. They provides an easy customer support also.


DHL is also a global courier service company with more than 285,000 employees working hard for the shipment process.

DHL Express exports urgent packages and documents reliably and on time from door-to-door in more than 220 countries and territories. DHL operates the most comprehensive global express network.

3. TNT

Another popular parcel delivering company. TNT company ensures that your documents, packages and freight items are delivered securely and on time throughout the globe. They have service to more than 200 countries. For a timely delivering TNT have more than 77000 employees, 30000 road vehicles and 46 jet freighter aircraft.

TNT customer care is also excellent as well.

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