[Solved] No audio output device is installed problem

Today we are going to solve a massive problem facing by thousands of windows users world-wide. If you are running PC with windows versions like Windows vista, Windows 7 and XP you may get a message like “No audio output device is installed”. At that time you will not get any sound outputs from your PC.

Today we are showing you how to enable sound back to your PC if you are facing No audio output device is installed problem. This could be possible with some simple steps.

Reason behind  “No audio output device is installed” problem

From our point of view, this error is due to missing of Audio drivers from your PC. This could be due to Virus Attacks, self deletion, or at the time of reinstalling windows. The third reason has the most probable chance.

How to solve  No audio output device is installed problem?

I can’t assure 100% positive result for this problem using the below tip. But I got the result positively.

No audio output device is installed

  • Find out the name of your motherboard It could be visible at the booting time of your PC. My motherboard was ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS.
  • Then Download your Motherboard drivers. [Audio and Video drivers]
  • Install those drivers
  • Reboot your system
In most cases, this experiment give a positive result. If you don’t know about these procedure, contact your service provider. They can do it with in half an hour. Don’t forget to comment what you have experienced. This will help me to improve my confidence. 

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