5 Best blog name generator tools for awesome domain suggestions

A good blog name or domain is the very fundamental part of blogging career. Those simple domains were easy to type and memorize. In this present internet time you will not get a keyword only domain name, as it may owned by some one else. If you are planning to write a blog about tricks, you will not get domains like tricks.com, tips.com tricksandtips.com etc. So you should find some other matching blog names or domain names.I don’t think that this article have much importance until I receive continues email from another blogger, who is struggling to find a domain name. I suggested many and many but didn’t accepted any single one. Finally I suggested below blog name generator tools and he find his own domain with full satisfaction.

 blog name generator tools

Best blog name generator tools

 1. Spinxo blog names

I found spinxo as the best blog name generator tool. There are many suggestion tools suggests continues domain names without having any importance to users interest. Unlike all those tools, spinxo contains fields to type users interest and upon their interest, hobbies and numbers, focused blog names get generates.

NameStall blog name generator tool is another best alternative for spinxo. You can give your keyword at beginning or end of word Groups. You can  add or remove Domains with hyphens. You will get very large number of domain suggestions and this tool shows whether it is available or not.
NameBoy is another popular domain name generator tool. Here also we can give primary and secondary keywords. A list of domain suggestions get displays after you search. You can get result with or without hyphens and domains in rhythm. Login function allows you to view and save domains for future purpose.
Another tool for finding blog names. I don’t recommend this free domain generator against above 3 tools. From my experience Free domain Generator have less functions than the above 3 suggested blog name generators. Here you can add only a main or focused keyword. Secondary word cannot be added.
These tools are the best among the internet that I found to be the best blog name generator tools. Not me. My friend also got a good name suggestion for his upcoming blog. I hope you got your desired output using any of the above online tools. Do anyone know any other tools that works as the same? Then please comment below. All good comments are welcome.

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