Increase search engine ranking within 1 week Tips

Every website or blog runners have a dream to make their site visible on the first page of search engine result. Whatever may your aim, selling a product or earning through affiliate earning, it is very necessary to show your results first. Putting contents or designing websites without any prior or deep knowledge won’t let you on the primary listings. It need some kind of efforts and time.

As search engines are the main websites that gives traffic, some kind of optimization are necessary to achieve your goal. Today in this article, i am going to give you some advice that makes you more deep with Search engine optimization.

Increase search engine ranking

Things to do for increase Search Engine Ranking

1. Domain with a keyword

From the first time itself, keyword rich domain plays a great role in receiving Search Engine Traffic. Keywords are those words that have chance to search on search engines. If you are running a blog on topic “cooking recipes” , choosing a domain like ,,, would be better to get organic traffic using your domain. In case of Google, it gives domain name less value in search. But considering Yahoo and Bing, they gives keyword rich domains more priority.

Eg: Try search “Click Here” in Google and Yahoo. You will feel the difference.

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2. Title, meta and keyword tags optimization

This type of  Title, meta and keyword tags optimization plays the major role in increase search engine ranking. If you don’t have any domain without keywords, don’t get upset. You can out rank your competitor without a keyword domain by appropriate optimization. Always describe your content or product with friendly titles, search engine descriptions [ meta description] and by focused keywords [meta keywords].

3. Dofollow Backlinks

Actually dofollow is an attribute that tells the search engine to follow that link. opposite term is nofollow. Google only follows Dofollow backlinks. If you are getting dofollow backlinks with keyword rich Anchor texts, you will get ranked very fast. Search engines find those links are good and passes page rank.

Searching “click here” in Google shows the power of Dofollow backlink.

Things that not to follow for increase Search Engine Ranking

1. Avoid Over optimization

I had seen many people overly optimize their content. It strictly worthless for increase Search Engine Ranking. Placing keywords multiple times in title and description, enrich content with the same keyword [keywords > 4% of the content], hiding keywords in the background color are over optimization strategies.

2. Avoid backlink buying

There are many online companies that provides  high page rank do follow backlinks. This is quite dangerous. Such giving links may from any type of unrelated websites, Spam sites or pornographic sites. This gives you bad result in Search engine ranking. Do follow links from related and good topics are always good for ranking.

3. Avoid plugins that slow down your site

Speed of site really a factor for search engine ranking. Google’s Matt Cutts once claimed that slow-performing sites will get penalized in search engine ranking. The theory behind this words is simple. Slow loading sites gives bad user experience. this is why they get penalized in ranking.

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