Is WiFi signal harmful? A case Study

Wi-Fi are modern technology that enables us to access Internet connection without any wired connection. They uses Radio signals to transfer data through air. These radio signals are a form of radiations.

 WiFi signal harmful?

What did people says about WiFi radiation?

One of the BBC case study reported that radiation cause by WiFi  in a school was up to 3 times the level of mobile phone radiations.

William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency reviewed that low level radiations from WiFi may result in adverse health effects. Many others disagrees the same concept.

World Health Organisation (WHO) under their case study concluded that there is no evidence to confirm that WiFi signals are dangerous to human body.

What did I think about Wi-Fi signals?

As it is a Radio signal, slight harmful radiations are emitting from it, which are very low than dangerous signals produced by mobile phones. other radio signals and which doesn’t meant to put WiFi away from your room and also not mean to put antenna under your pillow. Scientist even failed to give the exact health problems caused by the WiFi radiations.

Another fact is that if you increase the distance between the antenna and your device, there occurs a huge difference in the intensity of radiation.

How to avoid WiFi radiation if you think it is dangerous?


  • Reduce WiFi signal strength if you need it in a short distance.
  • Always choose a branded Wireless Fidelity.
  • Practice using of Ethernet cable instead of WiFi.
  • Keep a distance from WiFi Antennas.
  • Minimize Use in night time.
  • Power Off WiFi if you are using Internet through Ethernet cables.

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