Moved from Blogger to WordPress – Main Reasons

Daily or weekly readers of  TricksAge may notified the sudden changes happen to It is because we had migrated from blogger to WordPress.  Last one year we had tried blogger platform and by-heart important concepts and basics of blogging career. In this period we found many advantages of WP over blogger. Here we are listing some of those advantages of WordPress than Blogspot.

The only reason we can say blogger is better than WordPress is that blogger is completely free platform whereas WordPress is Self Hosted platform where admin needs to host it by finding appropriate hosting plans. The main reason why I migrated is that once my friend said “We can’t be the owner of Blogger websites because Google had complete administration power of blogspot whereas WordPress sites are completely owned us.” I found his words are true and began procedures to move from blogger to WordPress.

Blogger to WordPress

Why we moved from blogger to WordPress?

1. For good Search Engine Optimization

This is the main reason why we migrated from blogger to WordPress. While using blogspot, there is no plugins or any kind of SEO suggestion tools that make our articles Search Engine Friendly. In my view Whatever the platform may be traffic is the ultimate goal. I found an awesome plugin named Yoast that gives real time modifications needed for our current processing articles. There is also a function in this tool to check our current SEO status as bad Average or good. Anyway I found Search Engine Optimization in WordPress better that blogspot.

 2. Best Adsense integration

I believes that 95% of bloggers looks after money through blogging. In my case I looks for money and reputation on Internet. As I used both WordPress and blogspot, I can assure that WP gives more Adsense Integration opportunities. You can easily hide and show Adsense advertisements from a page, post and even from category and tag searches. There are so many plugins that can show and hide HTML, Java scripts and PHP codes from desired pages. For better Adsense and other Affiliate integration it is good to move from blogget to WordPress.

3. Large amount of plugins

WordPress is fulfilled with large collection of Plugins and widgets. Here we can directly install plugins and activate it with in 1 minute. But in case of blogspot there is no such options and we need to find out codes and scripts for plugins and need to edit for better look and the apply where it looks great. For example for adding a Facebook like box in blogspot we need to find out the script, then edit the width and height then customize it and last upload the script to HTML/Java script field. But in WordPress just install the widget and apply it where we need.

 4. Large collection of Theme and templates

If you moved from blogger to wordpress, you can access huge collection of  Themes and templates. It allows you to customize your website related to your website content. Choosing a good template attracts visitors to revisit your site. All of the WordPress templates allows you to add any number of plugins and widgets and most of them contains inbuilt widget application area.

5. Our own website

As I mention on the beginning of this article, we are not the rightful owner of a blogspot blog. Where as we are the complete owner of WP blog. We were forced to follow the rules made by Google on blogspot that is little difficult. That’s why people moves from blogger to WordPress and it losses its traffic rank rapidly.

If you are new to blogging field, I recommend blogspot, as it is the base of blogging. Don’t waste your money by buying new hosting plan and  domain and get failed.

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