[Solved] WiFi Disconnecting Frequently while phone go to sleep mode in android

Android device without internet connection. Can you imagine such situations? I had told this many time that Smart phone without data connection is like carrying an old black and white mobile. You can use internet from mobile data connection or from a Shared WiFi connection. if you are on the situation to use huge amount of data, it is better to use a WiFi connection.WiFi connections are wireless connections that makes access to an access point wireless. What to do if you have some problems with the WiFi and your android device?

Today we are going to discuss a small problem that makes your WiFi disconnection rapidly on android devices. I found this problem worse when I lose my LAN card last day and need to use Internet on my PC using WiFi and my galaxy Y.

Every-time I connect my android mobile to my WiFi and after some time it get disconnected? Is it any software or hardware problem? No. This could be solved by changing a small settings on your mobiles WiFi settings page.

How to solve continues WiFi disconnection problem in android device?

In your Android device Go to

  • Settings
  • Wireless and Networks


WiFi disconnection problem in android
  • Wi-Fi Settings


WiFi disconnection problem in android solved


  • Advance Wifi Settings [ hidden in my galaxy Y , make it visible by pressing settings button]


solved WiFi disconnection problem


  • Wi-Fi sleep policy


  • Never

That’s it. now you had successfully solved WiFi disconnection problem. If any doubt please comment here. We are happy to help you.

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