Change Adsense Hosted Account to a Normal website supported Account?

If you followed the YouTube method to get Adsense Account approvel, In your account page above the fold, you may see a message “Hosted Account“. If this message is visible on an Account, that Adsense Account cannot be used for monetize self hosted websites. You can only use Hosted accounts for displaying adsense on blogger based blogs and on YouTube videos.

What is difference between Adsense Hosted Account and a Normal Account?

As I mentioned before, Adsense Hosted Account can be only used for showing Advertisements on Youtube Videos and on Blogger websites [ extension with]. It can’t be used for showing advertisements on top Level domains and or other hosted sub domains.

Using a normal Adsense Account, we can show advertisements on all websites having requirement level same to that of Adsense Policies.

Before Changing Hosted Adsense Account to Normal Account

First thing you need to consider is that, you should own a quality site, where Adsense advertisements can placed. It should follow at least the below requirements.
  • Top level domain
  • Quality content
  • Without Copyrighted materials [Articles, images, videos]
  • Good design
  • Privacy Policy
  • Without other Advertisements similar to Adsense.
You can read in detail from here. Important things to do before applying for Adsense.

Steps to change Hosted Adsense Account to Normal Account

  • Go to Adsense Home Page
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,”  Under “Access and authorization” section.



  • Now Give the website name where you show the Advertisements.
  • Click Submit.
Now Create a new Ad unit and implement the code in your website page. Adsense team member will review your website and approve or disapprove your application based on your website. The funny fact is that you can show advertisements if you are running a blogspot sub domain.

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