Easy way to Enable telnet in Windows 8 with screenshot

First of all, you need to know what is telnet? Telnet is the term for  ‘telecommunications network’. Simply telnet is an old computer protocol used in the local Area Network (LAN) which uses a virtual terminal connection for providing text-oriented  communication bidirectionally. It was was developed in year 1969. The major problem with telnet were the lack of security. Data passing over telnet were not on  encrypted form, which makes easy to decode for some one uses the same router, hub or switch.Advantages of Telnet:

    • Allows users to log into a remote system and run applications on that system.


  • When network or  systems loads is high, telnet is fast and efficient.


How to  Enable telnet in Windows 8?

As windows 8 is little bit secure than the previous versions, we can’t open telnet by directly typing it on the CMD. Probably it will results on an error. So here I am showing an easy way to enable telnet on windows 8.

    • Open Control panel on windows 8.


  • Choose Uninstall or Change a Program.



  • Now choose Turn Windows features on or off.


  • Now select Telnet Client and Telnet server and click OK.
  • Now telnet get installed on your computer.

I hope this method works successfully for you. If you know any other methods, please comment here. We are ready to add your concepts. If any doubts, feel free to ask. happy to help.

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