Google Page Rank 10 websites – All PR 10 sites now

Most simply Page Rank is an algorithm that used by Search engine Giant Google for ranking up websites in search engine results. Currently only Google provides page rank facility. As per Google algorithm theory, Page Rank is a unit for measuring the importance of a web page.Page rank improvement works basically on the number of quality links pointing towards a webpage. Here quality have more importance than quantity.  Thus every single page on a website have its own page rank. Google bot  is the element that counts links to every website and thus helps in ranking improvement.

 PR 10 sites

You may have seen many website with different ranking from 0 to 9. The possible ranking is from 0 to 9. But it is difficult to find websites with Page rank 10. Here are some websites with Google page rank 10.

Websites with Google Page Rank 10


Twitter is one of the top social networking website that also enable micro blogging. User can tweet up to 140 characters. Twitter is one of the top 10 websites in the world. It have 13,100 backlinks as per Google statistics and 5,930,239 indexed page per Alexa statistics.


Addthis provides adding of various plugins for wordpress. Addthis provides smart layers, sharing buttons, floating buttons and other plugins. It have 4,670 backlinks as per Google and 685,718 links per Alexa statistics.

3. Adobe Flash Player

Flash player is freeware software for  hearing streaming audios, viewing streaming videos, multimedia, executing rich Internet applications etc. It can run as a browser plugin. It have 15,700 backlinks as per Google and 74,135 backlink as per Alexa.

4. Adobe Reader

Adobe reader is the best software for viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF [Portable Document Format] documents.

5.  USA Government

USA government portal to learn how to accomplish government tasks and access government information and services through 11,800 Google backlinks and 23,093 Alexa backlink.

6. US health

 This site is developed and intended for Americans to live healthy and successful lives. HHS provides all health updates.

7. Miibeian

I don’t know how to explain this site. This is completely different language. 12,900 backlinks to this site as per Google statistics. Anyway this is a site of a special management system of the Ministry of Information Industry.

8. Eurupeana

Eurupeana have 3790 backlink as per Google statistics. Eurupeana blog links to the latest contributions from their partner libraries, museums, archives and audio-visual collections.

9. European University Association

EUA [European University Association] is the biggest and most comprehensive organisation s in Europe which represents universities. In EUA member universities 17 million students are enrolled and counting. This organization provides unrivaled opportunities for members to share best practice by participating in events , other mutual learning activities, projects, and involving a huge range of universities.

10 Universitas21

Universities 21 is the wide global network of research-intensive universities, working together to foster global citizenship and institutional innovation through research build learning, mobility of student, connecting staffs and students, and wider advocacy for care for millions of children and families. Google indexed 6,940 backlink for HSS.

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