How to Cash out Adsense Check In India? Where to drop check?

First of all before beginning, I am congratulating you for having Adsense money over 100$ for the first time. I know this is one of the wonderful moment in life for receiving a Paycheck for first time. I had just passed out the same experience a couple of month ago.Each and every month, there are hundreds of new customers who are receiving a Google Paycheck for the first time. Some makes their luck through YouTube videos and others through blogging or web mastering. Whatever the platform may, you finally receives a Check with more that 100 dollars in it.

Where I deposited Adsense check?

Adsense check in indiaBefore getting paycheck from Google, I got some paychecks from Amazon for doing some online works at Amazon Mechanical Turk. It was the first time that I am getting some Paychecks or any other type of checks. Like Adsense check It was also cleared by CITY bank.

When I saw City Bank logo on my check, thought that, I need to put it on some city bank branches. In my district, there were only one City Bank branch and I bought my check to a city bank branch [30 Km from my home] and show it there. Reaching there I understand that it is not the place for depositing a paycheck. You will definitely think What a foolish fellow I am. But the situation lead me there.

Then Where to drop Pay Checks?


From that experience I understand that Pay Checks should be given at a bank where you have an account. And the name on Check should match whatever name you given in the bank. You may face some difficulties if there is any change in Pay check name and bank account name.


So from my Mturk check experience, I understand that Paychecks from any bank must be deposited on a bank where you have an account already. So you should deposit your Adsense check where you have a bank account. You will not get the money at the time of deposit. It should take an average of 3 days to clear and credit to your account. Don’t go to any City Bank branches like I do.

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