How to get Internet using USB Ethernet Adapter on android devices?

Have you seen any USB Ethernet Adapter yet? Now a days, it is possible to connect Ethernet devices via USB ports and the service is known as Ethernet over USB. By using an USB Ethernet Adapter, there is no need of LAN Card.There are USB Ethernet Adapters and mobile to USB adapters available on the market. Is it possible to get Internet using USB Ethernet Adapter on android devices along with a mobile to USB connector? Below images will give you the idea.

There are direct slot cables available for this purpose. Look following screenshots
USB Ethernet Adapter on android devicesUSB Ethernet Adapter on android devices

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How to access internet using USB to Ethernet port in Android Tablets?

There is an option to receive Internet on your Android tablets if they are supported. You can check it by navigating to
Settings -> Wireless & Networks
There will be an option of Ethernet. Before that check you have the following things in hand.
  • Ethernet Supported Tablet.
  • Modem with Broadband or Active Data connection.
  • Direct connectors or mix up connectors [Shown in the above images]

Steps for connecting Ethernet to tablets

This is very simple as that of connecting to a LAN card of PC.
#Step1:- Connect the tablet to your Modem.
#Step2:- Connect Ethernet to your Tablet.
#Step3:- Now you can see notification of a Active network.
#Step4:- Access the browser of your tablet.
Several Tablets like Asus TF101, Asus TF201, Asus TF300 Asus SL101, HC 3.2, 3.2.1 and 4.0.X etc.

How to access internet using USB to Ethernet port in Android Smart Phones?

It is the same method as that in Tablet. But I don’t think that it will work for a smart phone with Static Operating System. Many people claims that they are getting Internet through a USB ethernet after they moved to a Custom ROM.
Anyway try your luck and comment here your findings.

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