How to make fake Google Page Rank for your website? PR 10, PR 9 etc easily

Page rank is one of the important fact that every bloggers and Webmasters looking for. Valid Page rank is from 0 to 10, where PR 10 is quite difficult to possible. In history there are only little amount of websites that have Google Page rank 10. [ Read here current Page Rank 10 websites].

 fake Google Page Rank

How websites are getting fake Google Page ranks?

Those websites uses a small loop hole for faking their Page ranks. Such websites simply redirects their site to a page which have High real page rank. But visually it will not redirects their visitors. Google have a loop hole in Page ranking serving is that, web page that redirects to another web page will get the Page Rank number of the redirected web page.

A method how Page ranked is faked.

  • Create a new domain.
  • Redirect the domain using 301 in the .htaccess or in the php header to a webpage having strong and real Page rank.
Consider the following code
  • That’s all wait for the next Page rank update.
This technique to redirect a page to high PR site for getting fake Page rank is called cloaking.

Is this type of fake Page Rank worth?

Simple answer is NO. You will not get any benefit by faking page rank by this method. As long as you placed this code on your root, Google bot won’t index your website.

How to check a Page rank is Real or Fake?

If you are planning to buy a domain with high page rank, first of all check it is a true or fake Page rank. You can easily check a page rank of a domain using the tool fake page rank checker.
Just visit that site and type the domain and search.

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