[Solved] Android Screen not getting turn on after making a Call?

Here I am going to show one of the serious problem facing by lot of android customers and even me for a long time.

What is Screen turns off during call problem?

If you had used any android devices, you may noticed that while putting your smart phone on your ears, the screen goes off or blank. This is not a problem, but an amazing feature of android operating system. The the real problem is that, the screen doesn’t turns on after having the call. Means, it may feel difficult to cut the call.

When did I feel Screen turns off during call problem?

In one of our last article, [ Cyanogenmod stuck on boot screen for all Smartphones solution]I had said that, I changed my Galaxy Y’s stack OS to a custom Operating System. After that change, I found screen does not getting on after call problem.

Reason why Screen doesn’t get on after making a call?

Here are some of the reasons, which makes the android screen still in a blank condition after you made a call.

  • Any Software changes or damages:- In my case it was the problem. There were some bugs on my custom 4.1.0 version ROM.
  • Damage happened to proximity sensor:- If you had dropped your device, there may a chance to get the proximity sensor damaged. It can be resolved by going to nearby care.
  • Obstacles on proximity sensor:- Check the there are nothing as some obstacles to the proximity sensor like Screen guard, dust particles etc.
Here is an suggestion from a user who resolved this issue. This is adapted from one of the popular android forum.

How did I solved this issue?

As I mentioned earlier, I had faced this problem after I made a change in my current OS version. So I again changed the version and this issue get resolved.
Do any one face the same problem. So please comment how do you solved this issue and your valuable findings.

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