[Solved] Cyanogenmod stuck on boot screen for all Smartphones

I hope that you know what is CyanogenMod. Simply CyanogenMod is an unofficial firmware for a number of cell phones based on the open-source Android operating system. The unique feature of CyanogenMod  is that It offers features and options that are not found in the official Android Operating Systems.

Cyanogenmod stuck on boot screen

When I faced Cyanogenmod stuck on boot screen?

If I don’t explain my experience, you may think that I am kidding you. But last week, when I tried to update my Galaxy Y to Android version 4.1.1 Cyanogenmod, it really made me trouble. Let me explain where I started my work. I were an super user of my phone [ I had pre-installed Cyanogenmod 4.0 version]. It made me no trouble.

While browsing through YouTube, I found a new update for Cyanogenmode and  downloaded the latest version. In order to get more look and feel, I wiped all previous data and installed new firmware as I done in previous version. Unfortunately after turn on my device, it is showing a bricked window. Nothing going forward or backward. I found that Cyanogenmod stuck on boot screen.

Reason Why Cyanogenmod stuck on boot screen

I don’t know the exact reason why Cyanogenmod stuck on my boot screen. But the probable reason may be due to

  • Unsupported Graphics.
  • Unrelated Package.
  • Error codes in firmware.
  • Some one had moded the firmware and allow you to download.

How I solved Cyanogenmod stuck on my boot screen problem?

It was a horror experience that i had tested cyanogenmod on my less than 30 days old Galaxy Y. I Googled for a good answer and I found an idea to solve this issue.
  • Searched for custom ROM for my Smartphone. [You will get collection of custom ROM for your device.]
  • Installed the new ROM package. This new installation will resolve the issue.
If Cyanogen mod logo stuck on screen, you can’t make it solved by Resetting your device. My personal suggestion is to find a suitable ROM and install it as you do.
Do you faced this type of experience? Please share your experience with the fellow readers and say them how you solved this trap.

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